Call for Papers

The Universities of Cambridge and Birmingham are delighted to announce the 30th anniversary of the Physics of Reactors (PHYSOR) conference, to be held between the 29th March - 2nd April 2020 in Cambridge, UK. For nuclear energy to be competitive in the future energy mix it must be scalable; both to the needs of the grid and economic climate, as well as in simulation and design. This inspires the theme of PHYSOR2020 - 'Transition to a scalable nuclear future'.

Technical Tracks

PHYSOR2020 aims to bring leading specialist from across the globe.

We welcome you to submit an abstract to one of the following tacks

Technical Programme Chair - Dr. Patrick Blaise (CEA Cadarache) 

Technical Programme Co-chair (Americas) - Prof. Ben Forget (MIT)

Technical Programme Co-chair (EMEA) - Dr. Lubomir Slenka (ČVUT)

Technical Programme Co-chair (Asia) - Prof. Kan Wang  (Tsinghua Univ.)


Reactor Concepts and Special Mission Reactors

Chair - Dr. Florent Heidet (ANL)

Co-chair - Dr. Emil Fridman (HZDR)


Deterministic Transport

Chair - Dr. Fausto Franceschini (Westinghouse Mangiarotti)

Co-chair - Prof. Yousry Azmy (North Carolina State Univ.)


Hybrid Methods

Chair - Dr. Alan Copestake (Rolls-Royce)

Co-chair - Dr. Marat Margulis (Univ. of Cambridge)


Transient Systems and Analysis

Chair - Dr. Vefa Kucukboyaci (Westinghouse)

Co-chair - Prof. Sandra Dulla (Politecnico di Torino)


Nuclear Data and Experiments

Chair - Dr. Isabelle Duhamel (IRSN)

Co-chair - Prof. Hironobu Unesaki (Kyoto Univ., KURRI)


Reactor Operations

Chair - Mr. Paul Bryce (EdF Energy)

Co-chair - Dr. Pablo Cantero (CNEA Argentina)


Fuel Cycle and Scenarios 

Chair - Dr. Geoff Parks (Univ. of Cambridge)

Co-chair - Dr. Guillaume Krivtchik (CEA Cadarache)


Sensitivity & Uncertainty Methods

Chair - Dr. Andrew Buchan (QMUL)

Co-chair - Dr. Erez Gilad (Ben-Gurion Univ. of the Negev)


Nuclear Criticality Safety

Chair - Dr. Deborah Hill (NNL, UK)

Co-chair - Dr. Catherine Percher (LLNL)

19/ Special session

Small Modular Reactors

Chair - Dr. Simon de Haas (Rolls-Royce)

Co-chair - Dr. Laurent Chabert (TechnicAtome)

21/ Special session

Global Nuclear Innovation

Chair - Dr. Tatiana Ivanova (OECD-NEA)

Co-chair - Prof. Ayman Hawari (NC State Univ.)


Core Analysis Methods

Chair - Prof. Anil Prinja (Univ. of New Mexico)

Co-chair - Prof. Dan Kotlyar (Georgia Tech. )


Monte Carlo Transport

Chair - Prof. Jaakko Leppänen (VTT)

Co-chair - Prof. Benoit Forget (MIT)


Advanced Modelling and Simulation

Chair - Dr. Richard Martineau (INL)

Co-chair - Prof. Akio Yamamoto (Nagoya Univ.)


Research Reactor and Facilities 

Chair - Dr. Luka Snoj (JSI)

Co-chair - Dr. Gordon Kohse (MIT)


Verification & Validation

Chair - Dr. John D. Bess (INL)

Co-chair - Dr. Adimir Dos Santos (IPEN)


Fuel Performance and Management

Chair - Dr. Carlo Fiorina (EPFL)

Co-chair - Dr. Nicholas Waeckel (EdF Energy)


Education in Reactor Physics

Chair - Dr. Saeed Aqeel Alameri (Khalifa Univ.)

Co-chair - Dr. Vincent Lamirand (EPFL)


Radiation Applications / Nuclear Safeguards

Chair - Prof. Malcolm Joyce (Univ. of Lancaster)

Co-chair - Dr. Klauz-Richard Luetzenkirchen (EU)


Fusion Reactor Technology

Chair - Dr. Mark R. Gilbert (CCFE)

Co-chair - Prof. Yixue Chen (SPIC & NCEPU)

20/ Special session

Nuclear Integration in Smart Energy Grids

Chair - Dr. Adrien Bidaud (Grenoble INP)

Co-chair - Dr. Rodica Loisel (Nantes Univ.)

22/ Special session


Chair - Prof. Christophe Demaziere (Chalmers Univ.)