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Cambridge isn’t short of sights to see or things to do. The first activity on most tourists’ agenda is college hopping: the University of Cambridge is composed of thirty-one colleges, each with their own unique history and traditions, and many of them can be visited. For example, there is the iconic King’s College, once home to Turing and Keynes, or prestigious Trinity, which raised Newton, Maxwell, Rayleigh, Thomson and many more. Some colleges will charge an entry fee, but pretend you are a student’s family member and you should be able to slip in free of charge!


Of course, Cambridge’s academic tradition would be unsustainable without a bit of R&R, and most academics manage to find that in one of the town’s many pubs. For example, Watson and Crick ventured directly from the Cavendish Laboratory towards their favourite pub, the Eagle, to announce their discovery of DNA. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Pink Floyd played their first gig in the Anchor, only 200 metres separated. If neither suits your tastes, then assuredly Cambridge will have a pub that does!

Other notable Cambridge fellows have been inclined towards less raucous relaxation; Ludwig Wittgenstein and Bertrand Russel’s favourite Sunday activity was reportedly taking long walks along the river Cam, through the meadows towards the picturesque village of Grantchester, all while pondering philosophy.

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The Cam of course is host to Cambridge’s most famous tourist activity, namely going for a punt. One can sit in a punt and take a guided tour past the colleges – but be warned, the tour guides’ more outrageous facts are best viewed with some scepticism! Alternatively, if you are feeling confident, you can take a punt out yourself – just try not to lose your balance


Slightly further afield is the Imperial War Museum at Duxford – a must see for plane enthusiasts and easily accessible by a regular bus. The British wing features the Lancaster, Spitfire, Concorde, Vulcan, and even part of a Polaris missile. The equally spectacular American hangar lies nearly entirely beneath the wings of a B-52 and stars an SR-71 Blackbird.